The Nehemiah Wall is a Faith-based not for profit charitable and humanitarian organization. Our main purpose is to provide transitional housing for female ex-offenders exiting local and state prisons. Our goal is to aid them in becoming positive contributors to their communities and facilitate their re-entry in to the mainstream of society.

The Board of Directors of The Nehemiah Wall has a passion to help women coming out of the prison system and wishes to thank the generous contributors who support our efforts. We rely on the support of our sponsors to continue this work. Your donations to this cause are greatly appreciated.
According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, 95% of all prisoners will someday be released. However, 75% of them will commit a new crime within four years of their release. The National recidivism rate is 75% for all prisoners, 40% for born-again inmates and just 15% for discipled believers.
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In the darkness of the night Nehemiah toured the wall and grieved over its disrepair. As the light of morning appeared, he met with local leaders to share his heartache. They immediately caught the vision and proclaimed,
“…Let us arise and build”…    (Nehemiah 2:18)

A Word From Our Executive Director
The Nehemiah Wall is a Transitional Home for female ex-offenders and women in general with life controlling problems. The organization was founded August 8th 2007 when our Articles of Incorporation were granted. We opened our doors May 10, 2008 and have been operating since then. We followed a vision that seemed impossible but prevalent because of the great need for women in need.  See More...

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